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All orders can be directed to: mastering@unergroundsound.ca

Our Services

We are very proud to launch our own mastering services.  Our goal is to provide top quality product while keeping affordable pricing to help artists achieve the potential of their production.

single track mastering $30

Mastering is the final and most crucial stage in sound production. This is where the track gets the edge and volume required to be able to compete in the music market. To accomplish Mastering, the signal is ran through a chain of EQ, compression and other audio manipulation techniques. Please note, the Mastering of a track depends on the quality of a mix-down process, a service we also offer.

Stem Mastering $100

Stem Mastering & Audio Mixing is the process of combining the different layers that make the track into one balanced, good sounding single track. This process is all about proper frequency control and placement of sounds in the stereo field using EQs, Compressors and other audio manipulation techniques. The Mixed track is then considered ready for final Mastering and sent to an audio engineer (included in price).