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James Morreel – Underground Sound Presents Spiral Volume 45 (08 November 2018)



James Morreel a.k.a DjMorreel is someone who’s charismatic & very passionate about electronic music. He is very versatile when it comes to creating unique sets & *Unforgettable track selections, with a wide range of genres. He began his musical journey, stepping in the realm of Trance, House, Electro. Then versatility set him on a path towards Techno, Tech House, Progressive House, Deep House & Minimal sounds. Since then he has zoned in on his craft & dedication to the *Beats. He realizes it’s a gift & doesn’t want to waste it. He has full understanding that it’s all about the music & the people that enjoy & move to it! Thats why he does it in the first place. In 2013, he started too *Transition into production, to him this is where the rubber meets the road. His desire to *Push the sound further has become more than a dream, its a *Vision. He just wants to spread his LOVE! for Music.

1.Modest Crow-Araucaria (Original)
2.Klunsh-239 (Original)
3.Betoko Phantasy (Supper Cooks Remix)
4.Ezequiel Arias-Saturated (Original)
5.Simon Doty ft. jinadu-Driffting (Original)
6.Dowden-Keyways (Original)
7.Kamilo Sanclemente-Relections (Original)
8.Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor-Wilde (Original)
10.Following Light-Hyperborea (Original)
11.Dousk-Whisper Unit (Cid Inc Remix)
12.Cid Inc-Shifter (Original)
13.Fake Mood-Insomnia (Original)
14.Ezequiel Arias-Lost my mind (Radio Head-Reckoner)
15.Jordi Castillo-New Morning (Th May Remix)
16.Adam Port ft.Jennifer Touch-Working for it
17.Sean Doran,Ant Kronik-Better Days (Subandrio Remix)
18.Kamilo Sanclemente-Enchanted Forrest (Original)
19.Kamilo SAnclemente-Legendary Soul Master (Original)
20.Jennifer Touch-Sell (Original)
21.Strinner ft. Kintsuku-Turning cold (Original)
22.Strinner ft. Kintsuku-Feel (Original)
23.Betoko-Dark side of my mind (Original)
24.Anii-Fear (Original)
25.Eli & Fur-Parfume (Athea Remix)
27.EKDK & Apollo’s Messengers-Lugar Recondito (Th Moy Remx
28.Nasca-Fall (Original)

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