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MMZ – Underground Sound Presents Spiral 3 Year Anniversary (February 2018)


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MMZ [ Winnipeg] @oelleo
Winnipeg-based Jeff Wills (aka MMZ) first got the music bug in high school, while working at his brother’s music store. In those days, he DJed socials in his hometown of Sioux Lookout, Ontario. But it wasn’t until a transformative night in 1999 – at Guvernment, in Toronto – that Wills discovered the underground sounds that would form the “soundtrack to the rest of his life”.

In 2005, after many years as a “spectator”, Wills decided to have a go at DJing. He fell in love. Over time, MMZ settled into his signature style of intense, eclectic, progressive techno mixes.

In the fall of 2016, while at an Amsterdam Dance Event, Jeff and some close friends had an epiphany, and INSTITUTION was born. Today INSTITUTION’s goal is to promote the Winnipeg underground scene, support Canadian-based electronic music artists, and to connect with the international progressive community.

Whether it be as a fan, as a DJ, or as a promoter, Jeff Wills has a true and selfless love for electronic music. Connect with and discover Jeff through some of his meticulously crafted mixes.

1. The Midnight Sun – Marino Canal
2. Last Call – Art Bleek
3. Dizziness (Erich Von Kollar Remix) – Antrim
4. Days Of Kindness – Wes Straub
5. Cassiopeia – BVSIC
6. Perception – Robert R. Hardy
7. Andromeda (Pacco & Rudy B Remix) – George Yammine
8. Drps Classic (Guy J Remix) – Visnadi, Matteo Bruscagin
9. Fields Of Glass (Wes Straub Remix) – Blusoul
10. Another Earth – Kamilo Sanclemente
11. Mesmerizing (Pole Folder & CP Remix) – Marcelo Vasami, Luke Santos
12. Time to Words – Antrim
13. Tatras (Ramiro Puente Remix) – Ri Za
14. Spiral – Navid Mehr
15. Progresia (N’Pot Remix) – Reiklavik, Alex Rusin
16. Whisper Unit – Dousk
17. Happy You Happy Me – Mariano Mellino
18. Messiah – Sajay
19. Pronoia (Mononoid Rework) – Matter
20. Echo Silent – Fiberroot


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