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Sound Barrier Vol.3 with Geusts Mad & Nancy



“Mad & Nancy” – Behind this name are two Techno artists. Mad was born and raised in Yerevan. From the very early days DJing it was clear there was a strong talent waiting to be nurtured. He began his career as a DJ since 2010, At the same time he started to host his first podcasts and perform in famous Armenian clubs. He became a key figure of the Armenian Underground scene. Nancy was born in Yerevan, She has been collecting, spinning and producing music for 14 years, Starting her career as a DJ, her journey has taken her to European Warehouses. She was frequently playing at clubs, hosting podcasts. Her interest in Melodic Techno comes from her musician roots: She is a classically trained pianist. It was inevitable that Mad and Nancy would meet in 2012 and form a near instant friendship.it was this love of music,their expansive understanding and knowledge of all variations of music, that brought Mad and Nancy together. it’s the professional bond that would help them ascend the Underground community as DJ duo.


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