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Jeff Prankev – Artist of the month [December 2015]


Jeff Prankev (AKA Dislexik) began writing electronic music in the mid-nineties when a friend introduced him to tracker programs. He instantly fell in love with the idea of being able to write complete songs on his own and began programming simple covers of all of his favourite bands. His background as a drummer attracted him to the rhythmical style of composition while his background in computers fuelled his desire to explore the geeky side of electronic composition.

About a year later, he chanced upon an underground nightclub called the PPM and his world was turned upside down. The music he now loved combined with the small local rave community and an anything-goes creative atmosphere was all it took for him to decide to make it all an integral part of his life. Fast forward to 1998, he then bought his first turntables and a cd deck to start playing around with his growing music collection. He landed his first residency a few months later, and over the next few years started to play out at any venue that would have him.

Around this time, he also joined Canadian horror rock band “The New Jacobin Club” as drummer and programmer. He remained with them until 2008 and still does the odd collaboration with them.

He released his first original track in 2004 on Pure Phunk recordings, a Toronto breakbeat label. The track received support from heavyweights such as DJ Icey, Myagi and DJ Love (the latter who provided a remix on the flip side). Later, he dropped
Community Service as well as Annie Nightingale’s BBC Radio 1 program. However, while his breakbeat career was moving forward, he was feeling a pull back to his techno roots. He moved to London, UK to study audio engineering in 2008 and while he was in Europe got fully immersed in the stellar techno scene. When he returned to Canada, everything had changed.

He released his first tech house EP “Mood Swing” with Gold ’N Tech Records in 2011, and has had numerous charting releases with them since. He has also performed remixing duties for System Recordings, Flavourite, Truespin Records, Pop and Lock, Pyramid Recordings and Skylab Records.

As a performer, he has played at clubs and festivals across Canada and is a mainstay at Connect Festival, North America’s longest running electronic music festival. He currently lives in Saskatoon, SK, Canada where he continues to perform and produce music.




Mene – Some Weird Thing
Dennis Cruz & luliano Mambo – Freedom
Dubfound – Little Helper 48-1
Jacopo Iotti & Franko Lopez – The Living Glow (Fredy & D’Joseph remix)
Daniel Meister – While Flying
Andrei D – Lenesul
Aney F. – Sin In The City
Alexander Saykov & Ouvert – Nevsky Prospect (BDTom Remix)
Toni Rios – Something With Love (Terry Lee Brown Jr. Mix)
Robert Bruen – Eyes Open (Joeski Remix)
Emanuel Satie – Private Show (Original Mix)
Yvel & Tristan – Little Helper 85-3 (Original Mix)
Philipp Lammers – Charisma
J Diesel – Outside in a Box
Itamar Sagi – Little Helper 50-1
Inglorious – Ameran (Minitech Project Remix)
Dennis Cruz – Libertad
Sigother – Phase Shifting
W.O.H – Try It Again (Original Mix)
Max J – Fuck Apology
Joeski – BLACK DOOR (Original Mix)
Andy Bach – At First Glance (Angelo Ferreri Remix)
Afrilounge – Glissando
&ME – Matters (Original Mix)
Royksopp – Sordid Affair (Maceo Plex Remix)
Diwex Vick Echo – Kocktail
Mene – Change


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