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House Intervention Vol.20 ~ Ready Mix Records/BiG Al Label Spotlight


Ready Mix Records on Soundcloud ~ @ready-mix-records

Ready Mix Records on Beatport ~ classic.beatport.com/label/ready-mix-records/1396


Ready Mix Records was established in Montreal, Canada by Adel “BiG AL” Ghandour and wife Zee Soussane Ghandour in 1999 with a vision to offer a product that is esthetically beautiful, musically explosive and artistically whole. Our music and artwork are produced and created by unique and talented artists from around the world, allowing the cover of our audible journey be the canvas of our designer’s vision.
Our roster includes some of the world’s most talented & respected artists such as the legendary John Creamer & Stephane K, DJ Vibe, Gorge, The Timewriter, Angel Moraes, Omid 16B, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Mihai Popoviciu, Pezzner, Aki Bergen, Manuel De La Mare, Kruse & Nuernberg, Jay Tripwire, Asad Rizvi, David Keno, Pako & Frederik, Johan Vermuelen and Saeed Younan as well as younger blood such as BiG AL, Onur Ozman, Da Funk, Sebastian Davidson, Lemon Popsicle, Addex, Stan Kolev, Eelke Kleijn, Chriss Ronson, Forteba, Fabien Kamb, Moe Turk and Marco Grandi to name but a bunch.
Our music has topped some of the most prestigious charts, played and supported by some of the leading tastemakers, featured by some of the most influential global Dance music magazine and radio shows and licensed to some of the best compilations in the world. With over 300 signed artists/remixers, 140 Singles/EPs and 30 Full Length Artist Albums /Compilation, our music catalog contains over 2000 songs which is growing on a daily basis, Ready Mix Records has already established itself as one of Canada’s leading Underground House Music Labels. 

We invite you to enter the world of our covers, embark on our journey of sound and collect parts of our universe.


1. The Quasar & The Pressure – Take Me Over (Gorge Remix)
2. Stan Kolev – Get There (Daniel Kyo Remix)
3. Nastech – Dancing With Strangers (Miss Disk Remix)
4. Trandel – Aspera (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
5. The Quasar Feat. Yvel & Tristan – Funkytown (Trandel Remix)
6. The Quasar Feat. Yvel & Tristan – Funkytown (Seva K. Remix)
7. Stan Kolev & Juan Mejia – To The Clouds (BiG AL’s Deep Remix)
8. Hraach – Paseo De Los Tristes (Dave Pad Remix)
9. Addex – Envision (Helly Larson Remix)


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