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House Intervention Vol.16 – Label Spotlight with Deep Site Recordings/Rory Cochrane



Deep Site Recordings was founded in 2012 and has now become the home to labels ‘Deep Site Digital, Deep Site Space & Deep Site Vinylized, supplying an array of sounds and various genres of house music but mainly specializing in the deeper sides of house.
Deep Site have releases and remixes under their belt from the likes of Vincenzo, Alex Neivel, Deep Spelle, Jesus Gonsev, Forteba, Deephope, Micha Mischer, Big Al, Marc Cotterell, 2 Billion Beats, Djazzy, Sinan Kaya, Al Bradley, Soul Minority, Remote Persona, Loz Goddard, Deep Active Sound, Anthony Mea, Sasha Kaktus, Ray Saul, Kiano, Below Bangkok, Savvas, Edmond Binoge, Addex, Rishi K, Tony S, Echofusion, Sunshine Jones, The Unhottest, Harold Heath, Grant Dell & Jay Tripwire in amongst a host of impressive worldwide releases.
Deep Site is all about sophisticated production on a level that respected artists will recognise instantly

Currently residing in the North East, UK, Rory has been DJing for over 15 years. His early influences were the U.S. west coast House scene, in particular the early Naked Music vibe, Dubtribe Sound System, Miguel Migs, Rasoul, Andy Caldwell, JT Donaldson & Lance Desardi.
More of Rory’s influences include the likes of Calum Walker, Brendan Costigane, Jimpster, Charles Webster, Vincenzo, DJ Ino, Seph, Steven Garcia, Schmoov and Crazy P, you can see it’s an eclectic bag.
This distinctive sound and its influence is obvious when you hear Rory work a crowd in that individual and unique way that he has made his own by giving you that characteristic Cochrane deep house therapy couch. Rory has performed at some of the North East’s most prestigious and loved venues over the years, joints such as Stereo Bar, Tokyo Bar, To The Manor Born, The Loveboat, The Purple Onion, Cosmic Ballroom, Distrikt Bar & The Faversham down in Leeds to name a few.
More recently Rory has performed in Croatia and Sao Paulo, Brazil and gigs confirmed in South Africa for 2016!! His passion for Deep House music makes his sound very current. Rory is now running quality labels such as Deep Site Recordings & Deep Site Vinylized along with Croatian DJ/producer and good friend Tom Krizic (DJ Funtom). Rory is also working on some interesting production projects of his own, which have meant remixes on Addex’ label Limitation Music, Oh! Stockholm, Deep Stitched in South Africa, The Purr Music as well as Deep Site Recordings… So watch this space and continue to absorb the magical sessions from Rory Cochrane’s Deep House Therapy couch!

You can find links to purchase and follow the label/ Rory below.

Deep Site on Traxsource ~ www.traxsource.com/search?term=Dee…Site+Recordings

Rory on Soundcloud ~ @roryc

Deep Site on Soundcloud ~ @deep-site


  1. Deephope – Vitamins For Love (Helly Larson Remix) – Deep Site Space
    2. Phasen – Magoo (Original Mix) – Deep Site Recordings Promo
    3. Jesus Gonsev – Walking In The Glass (The Unhottest Remix) – Deep Site Vinylized
    4. Dipo – A Sort Of Artificial (Original Mix) – Deep Site Recordings Promo
    5. Karmine Rosciano – Sending My Love (Forteba Remix) – Deep Site Vinylized.
    6. Ray Saul – Slowly Adjusting (Original Mix) – Deep Site Space.
    7. Evren Furtuna feat. The Writers Poet – Erotic Soul (Original Mix) – Deep Site Vinylized Promo
    8. Deephope – Low Blow (Deep Spelle Remix) – Deep Site Recordings.
    9. Savvas – Between Time (Original Mix) – Deep Site Recordings.
    10. McNair & Clarke – Bread Ring (Addex Remix) – Deep Site Recordings.
    11. Dipo – You’re Not Ugly (Original Mix) – Deep Site Recordings Promo
    12. David Devilla, Elisabeth Aivar & Ivan Garci – Help Me Understand Im Not alone (Echofusion Deep Dub)


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