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Aggressively Progressive Volume 3 Moses Gonzales Feautring Wellenrausch


For Episode Three of Aggressively Progressive we bring an exclusive guest mix from Torsten Fassbender & Markus Geisberger or as they are Better Known Wellenrausch. In 2006 Torsten Fassbender moved to Berlin. Two years later his paths crossed with austrian born singer, songwriter, live- and studio musician Markus Geisberger, who had left Austria in summer 2008 to discover the Berlin music scene and who is now “the other part” of Wellenrausch. From spring 2009 on, the newly formed Wellenrausch started to spend endless hours in their studio in Berlin Buckow. Pretty soon the first tracks were finished. But, however, it should last almost another year until the first single “no superstition” was released. Since then they have been releasing track after track of Melodic Progressive Sounds to please club goers the world over. I am pleased to say that they provided an amazingly melodic progressive set an hour of deep bass with melodic sounds. The first hour I keep it deep and tech with some heavier tech tracks towards the end with a nice vocal touch to gear it up for some melodic progressive sounds. Enjoy Stay tuned for next months episode and see who we can curate for the month of June.

Moses Gonzales First Hour
German Brigante – Chronicles EP (The Brigante Chronicles (Original Mix))
Victor Ruiz – Soul Seek (Original Mix)
Giovanni Verga – Frazzo Bro
Pirupa – Pirupa & Friends EP (Nomad (Original Mix)
Nick Warren, Guy Mantzur – Sad Robot (Remixes) (Alejo Gonzalez & Max Blade Remix)
Arcade 82 – By Your Side (Instrumental Mix)
Marc Romboy – Elgur (Dosem Remix) (Dosem Remix)
Fabio Neural – Kora EP (Back Down (Original Mix))
Ozan Kanik – Enough
Ron Costa – Berige (Safre (Original Mix))
John Tejada – Lakewood Drive (Cascade (Original Mix))
Aemes – Pine-Rubin (Rubin (Original Mix))
Justin Martin, Lena Cullen – Odyssey (Original Mix)

Wellenrausch Second Hour
01 – Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan – Painkiller (Andre Sobota Remix) [Kunai] 02 – Audio Junkies & Sahar Z – Lalitha (Original Mix) [Suara] 03 – Julian Rodriguez & White Resonance – Nocturna (Original Mix) [PHW Elements] 04 – TIOAN – A Story Of A Little Boy (Horizons Landscapes Remix) [Mistique] 05 – Dmitry Molosh – Shaman (Original Mix) [Movemment] 06 – Alfonso Muchacho – Darkosaur (Original Mix) [Bonzai Progressive] 07 – Wellenrausch – The Pages Of Time (Wellenrausch´s Clouds Of Matter Dub) [AfterglowDeep] 08 – Groven & Naz – Black Mamba (Robert R. Hardy Remix) [Lowbit] 09 – Memo Insua – Trip Radio (Original Mix) [Sudbeat]


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