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Aggressively Progressive Volume 2 Moses Gonzales Presents Dj DenKo


Aggressively Progressive Volume 2 Moses Gonzales Presents Dj DenKo

We are back with another edition of Aggressively Progressive, for Volume Two I am pleased to present dj DenKo. Dionisis Kotsiras aka dj DenKo was born in the city of Athens, Heavily influenced by Synthpop of the 80s and later the Acid House craze only to be fueled by the opening of Techno club FAZ. With the changing landscape of the music scene in the now blooming Athens presenting him with sounds from the likes of Petros Kozakos, Aris, Ricardo Da Force, Paul Oakenfold,Fabio,Leo Mass,Grooverider,Carl Cox, Joey Beltram, & Dj Rap. With a firm background from across many genres and styles dj DenKo has laid the groundwork for his tastes in Progressive House. Since 2008 He has hosted a show on Frisky Radio along with co running Deepessions Recording

Moses Gonzales
1. Sandro S, Lostrocket – The Beat Goes On (Klar Reise Remix)
2. 16 Bit Lolitas – Not The Only One (Extended)
3. Abramasi – Just 4A (Cave Sedem Remix)
4. German Brigante – So Good (Original Mix)
5. Jason Sando – Chernobyl (Original Mix)
6. Flow & Zeo ft. Angela Sheik – Tiger In Tow (TouchTalk) (Original Mix)
7. Beat Syndrome – Tsunami (Silinder Night Mix)
8. Agents Of Time – Lotus Flower (Original Mix)
9. Grace – Not Over Yet (Vanilla Ace Remix)
10. Pretty Pink ft. ARC – Run
11. Icarus – Home feat. Aurora (Original Mix)
12. KellAr – Dream Of A Winter

Dj DenKo Aggressively Progressive Volume 2
1. Marc Romboy – Counting comets (Ruede Hagelstein remix)[Bedrock] 2. Horizons – The lake Sarez morning glare (Andrea Cassino remix)[Landscapes Music] 3. Spacebeat – Winter phase (Kobb white pill remix)[Suffused Music] 4. Simon Doty – Vision of confluence (Original mix)[Rhetorical] 5. Dahu & Nick Devon – Kaleidoscope (Original mix)[Steyoyoke] 6. Animal Picnic & Ran Salman – Mind Maze(Original mix)[Steyoyoke] 7. Stereo Underground – Empty spaces (Chicola remix)[Sudbeat] 8. Rise And Fall – Immersion (Steve Sai remix)[Bonzai Progressive] 9. Dmitry Molosh – Dagger (Original mix)[Specific Music] 10. Rick Pier O’Neil – Substance (Original mix)[Forescape Digital]


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